Illustrations & 3D Stills

    As well as music videos, 3D animations and clothing merchendise we also create digital illustrations, art prints and 3D renders. These images are mainly created by illustrator & CG artist rilla.127 in his own unique style.

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01.    Muzzled Butterfly - Taliable


Artist: Taliable
Direction: Taliable & Zed Bleach
CG: Zed Bleach & rilla.127
Edit: James Johnson
Camera: Sam Wilson
Production: Pr3foetus Productions
Music Production: Karl Brinaj

02.    The Maul - Guccifest

    A trailer for a video game that doesn’t exist. As the characters come to realise there is no end product, they start to question their own existence as avatars within ‘The Maul’, a post-apocalyptic virtual world of Wrighton’s creation that he has returned to throughout his career.

Gareth Wrighton is a London-based designer. Gareth showed for the first time with London East in 2019, where he launched his own knitwear brand. Known for his handmade one-offs that have appeared on magazine covers, he is also a multidisciplinary artist and video game designer.

03.   Gold - IcComs


Artist: IcComs
Direction: Zed Bleach
CG : Zed Bleach & rilla.127
Camera: Gregor Emmanuel
Edit: James Johnson
Production: Pr3foetus Productions